About LK

About LK Entertainment

LK Entertainment specialises in engaging people, creating experience and activating brands. We’re a sophisticated event management and marketing agency based in Johor Bahru!

Our team are formed with the DNA of people-oriented, passionate, professional, dynamic and reliable. With over 10 years’ experience, we have made our service customised and perfert-fit to client’s goals. We have managed events of different scale and variety. From small social activities to massive corporate activities, we have you all catered!


We make brand without borders and spread happiness to the world.


To become the famous entertainment company in Asia.

Core Value


We focus on connecting people and bringing value to every client.


We love what we do. Passion is the energy that keep us going.


We have the highest standards in our work process in order to deliver what we promise.


“Thinking outside the box” is our motto. We are flexible and open to ideas in all our areas of work.


We will do everything within our power to meet expectations. We don’t take our commitments lightly. You can definitely rely on us.

LYE, Director Of
LK Entertainment

LYE is the founder of LK Entertainment, a full-service event production, management and design house. As an award winning for APAC honesty 2019 SME, LYE has an unparalleled respect for the art of careful planning and event strategy. He has a passion for thoughtfully polished and beautifully designed events that capture the essence of each of her clients’ unique vision.

For over 10 years, LYE has run an exceptionally successful event management company working primarily with clients and companies, looking to create unique and memorable events. LYE believes in working only with the very best. From photographers and set designers, to budgeting and booking artists, LYE and his team are collaborative, creative and – always and without exception – cool under pressure. His greatest joys are creating events from start to finish and watching them come to life.

LYE lives for creating and sharing in unique experiences with his clients. By combining passion with efficiency, personality with originality, LYE helps create events that deliver impact, memorability and long-term brand value.

Nihal Jonathan Weerasinghe from the United Kingdom, who graduated with a BA (Hons) Joint Degree in Spatial Design/ Fine Art. Since graduating from London Guildhall University, he has had the privilege to work with various companies and designers during the years

Nihal Jonathan Weerasinghe,

Arts Director Of LK Entertainment

He is a team player and all-round designer and prop builder. For the past 22 years, Jonathan has an extensive portfolio, ranging from film props, event concept design, product, furniture, spatial to landscape and interior. Jonathan has taught in various academies, universities and schools around the world, as well as teaching children with special needs. Besides, Jonathan had had multiple exhibitions around the world and currently has a few small events showcasing his work in Malaysia.

He strives to achieve the best in his work and any challenge he approaches with open arms.

With his art of sense and experience, Jonathan is confident to lead art team to continuously create outstanding work for clients and brands.