LK Entertainment provides event conceptualization, planning, coordination, logistic & venue management and execution. Let the professionals handle the task of organizing your event. The work involved in planning, organizing, and conducting a major event can be sufficiently great to require the recruitment of a large team of people. We are a highly skilled full event management team based in Malaysia. We offer high-quality set design, lighting, PA, Audiovisual. AV hire and more.


Level up your live video with reliable, high-quality streaming for your viewers everywhere.

Professional Emcee (MC) /
Host / Broadcaster

LK Entertainment partners with emcee/ hosts who have more than 3 years and above experience. Our professional and engaging emcee service is suitable for product launches, conference, annual dinner, roadshow and live streaming.

Sound & Lighting /
PA System

LK Entertainment provides in-house sound & lighting/ PA system service which helps you in creating great guest experience and enhancing atmosphere. We have a portfolio of both past and present customers who have experienced a professional sound and lighting system managed by us.


The talent management of LK Entertainment includes clown performance, magician, DJ playback and other entertainment performances. We also provide right talent (s) for your company/ brand, be it, a KOL, Media, celebrity or brand ambassador. At LK Entertainment, we aim to make your event memorable and exciting.

& Decoration

With our very own art & production team, LK Entertainment are able to fabricate or built all sorts of props and event structures, from backdrop, woodwork, foam work, metalwork, truss system, staging. We also provide all sorts of decoration and mural art services.


LK Entertainment partners with the largest firework vendor in Malaysia whereby provides clients firework appearance with license. Besides, LK Entertainment consists of in-house signature colour firework with is suitable to be used in day time.

Event Planner

You can organize your own event, or talk to our event planner who will be happy to arrange it for you. Our experienced event planner will coordinate and deliver a stylish, secluded, and memorable celebration for you both and your loved ones. Specializing in big events, we help plan every aspect of your big day right down to the finest detail.